Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Does Brunswick need fast broadband?

BNB thumb

The Federal government has identified my corner of ‘deep’ Brunswick as the only urban region they are going to test out their new hyperfast broadband network. As evidenced by the shop owners that The Age (3/3/10) interviewed, there is relatively little interest here in faster Internet. 

Brunswick is becoming characterised by a lo-fi culture. In cafes, you don’t hear an out-of-tune FM station or someone’s iPod shuffle. Most have turntables playing samba-funk from Brazil and other places.

We don’t want Brunswick to become home to ‘smart’ businesses that conduct virtual wizardry in sealed air-conditioned cubicles. Brunswick stands out as an island of real in a sea of spectacle.

Yes to 33 1/3 rpm, no to fast broadband!