Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Over a coffee at the Mediterranean

With a neighbour, I recently met with the General Manager of Chemist Warehouse, Damien Gance and Group Manager, John Paris. Over a coffee at the Mediterranean supermarket, we discussed the issues raised by a retail model like Chemist Warehouse that does business by competing with supermarkets.

During the meeting, I was impressed by the sincerity of both Damien and John. They both cared greatly about the profession of pharmacist and firmly believed that they were going good.

I’ll post some thoughts about their position once I’ve had time to digest it, but overall it did seem an important conversation to have in the context of where we are in Brunswick. Maybe in other neighbourhoods, this kind of development may have happened without any fuss.  Maybe it’s the way that different cultures meet in Brunswick which makes you believe that common good is a deliberate choice, rather than something inherited.

I’m sure that Brunswick is not unique in this regard, but we always like to believe our neighbourhood is special, don’t we?

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