Monday, 1 June 2009

Squeezing out the last drops of the Brunswick Baths

The wonderful Brunswick Baths, a precious jewel in the crown of the People's Republic of Brunswick, has unfortunately taken a step down the privatised path by restricting two of its swimming lanes to a private company specialising in swimming instruction.

The Baths claim they are forced to do this because of council financial requirements. The private lanes are relatively empty, leaving the normal public customers squeezed into the remaining few lanes.

Is this progress? The pool is there to provide the citizens of Brunswick with the opportunity for exercise and enjoyment. Why does this public facility now have to provide special privileges for private customers who will pay extra? How much money is now going into the management of an extra company overlaying what the Baths already provide?

Isn't there an alternative? Can't fees for everyone be increased instead?

It's just not Brunswick!

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